The ashtray in this taxi

Two rich ladies bought two piece of Swiss replica watchin thereplica watchstore. Then they took a taxi and talking about high cost of their exact replica watch. “Taxi is expensive these days. The owners of taxi get a lot of money,” one lady said. Then they turned their topic to the high cost of taxi. ”Yes,” said the other ladies said, “And the drives get so much tips that they soon become rich. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.” One of them was smoking a cigarette. After a while, she said:” Can you see an ashtray in this taxi? It isn’t on my side either yours. Driver! Where is the ashtray in this taxi?” The driver, who had heard everything the ladies had said, answered,” Oh, just drop the ashes on the carpet—I have a servant who comes in and cleans three times a w 

Putting a Ring on Her Hand

Buy the time she got the box and opened it, Nancy was so excited that she could hardly control herself. Eagerly she moved away the cotton surrounding the small luxury replica watchin the box. She picked the replica watch up to the light. It glittered and sparkled making it alive by the bright sunlight pouring through the window. Nancy turned the exact replica watch in her hand and looked from this side to another. It continued to sparkle and shine as if it had a light. Nancy was so happy that she can own this watch, because she had dreamed to own it for a very long time. She always went to have a look at it when she passed through theexact replica watchshop. Now her boyfriend bought it to her without telling her. She was not only happy but also surprised. At that time her boy friend came in and put a ring on her hand. 

The Man Who Had No Friend

Edgar always wondered why he didn’t have many friends. The reason was that he always asking something without giving. One day, Edgar was so lucky that he picked a piece of luxury replica watchin the street. So he told to Bill,” I’d like to give a party to celebrate I had a free exact replica watchon Saturday. I’d like you to come and bring Martha, too. Perhaps you’d be willing to bring your violin. Martha and you sing well together. Don’t forget to practice ‘You Are My Sunshine’ which I like very much.” Bill agreed. Edgar invited several other friends to come to his party. He did not forget to ask something from each one of them. The party was a big success. However, the guest said “thanks” to those friends who brought things or sang songs when they left. To Edgar they said simply:” You are good luck to pick a replica watch.”  

A piece of swiss replica watch

When Mr. Jones went to a restaurant one day, he left his coat near the door. There was nothing in the pockets of the coat, when he put it near the door. So he was surprised to found a piece of swiss replica watch in his pocket when hi took on his coat. There was a waiter near the door, so Mr. Jones said to him,” Somebody made a mistake. He has put a piece of exact replica watch in my coat. Take it, and give it to him when he comes back.” The waiter took it and went away. Suddenly, another man came in with a coat just like Mr. Jones’s. ”I’m sorry to make a mistake,” said the man “I took your coat. Please give back my coat and replica watch.” Mr. Jones let him ask the waiter for his watch. But the manager of the restaurant said there were no waiters here. 


Knowing the Future

When Jeff was walking in the street, he was attracted by a piece of swiss replica watchin the exact replica watchshop. He seceded to working hard for more money to buy it. One day he was cutting a branch of a tree in his garden. While he was sawing, a man passed in the street. He stopped and said,” Excuse me, but if you continue to saw that branch like that, you will fall down with it.” Jeff said nothing. He thought it is some foolish person who has no work to do and goes about telling other people what to do and what not to do.” Jeff continued on his way until the branch fell. He was fallen with it as that man said. “God!” he cried, “That man knows the future!” Jeff ran after him to ask if he will afford that replica watchin the future. But the man had gone. 

My father was ill in the hospital

My wife called me that my father was ill in the hospital. While my father was operating, a nurse came to ask us for surcharge value for two holders. At that time we were all very worried about my father so that we can’t care of any other things. Later, some people told us they are useless.

 After the operation, the doctor asked us for money. We had no money any more. But if we don’t give him, my father will can’t receive a good cure. At last, I have to send my high quality replica watchbought in the wholesale replica watch market for my wedding gift to that doctor. When that doctor received the exactreplica watch, he laughed as a flower. I was very hurt not only for my watch but also for this evil common practice. 


Iwill repair it well on Thursday

A man took a replica watchto a watch repair shop and said to the watchmaker “I’d like you to repair the watch for me, please.” “Certainly, sir” the watchmaker said. “When will it be ready” the man asked? “I’m a bit busy, but it’ll be ready for you on Thursday” he said. That’s fine “the man said and left the shop”.

The next morning he received a letter, offering him a job in another country. Within 24 hours he was on an airplane to his new job. He had to buy a new watch because of his new job. Then he bought a swiss replica watch.

Twenty years passed and he returned to his hometown.  He remembered his watch. “It is a good watch” he thought. I wonder if the watchmaker is still there and still has it. I’ll go and see. He was pleased to see that the watchmaker was still in the same shop, although he was an old man by now. “Good morning” he said to him. “Twenty years ago, I brought a watch to be repaired. Do you think you’ve still got it?” “Name” the old watchmaker asked? “Smith” the man said. “I’ll go and see.” The watchmaker went out to the back of his shop and a few minutes later returned, carrying the watch.  “Here it is” he said. “A maurice lacroix replica watchis to be repaired. I’m a bit busy now, but it’ll probably be ready on Thursday.”

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