The friendship

There are many and different kinds of friends, they all play important roles in our lives. They give time instead ofreplica watches, they give us warm instead of clothes and they give home instead of house.

Everybody needs somebody, somebody whom is called “Friend”. “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” If only that kind of friends can be called “Friends”, then there are only few up-to-standards for me. About friendship, we have millions of quotes to support my “saying”, “Friendship is nothing but giving.” But for most of the time, we’re pleased with receiving things from others, instead of giving. For an example, you should send him a Gucci replicainstead of getting one from him.

Well, I’m not saying friendship is based on stuff-giving, but it needs emotion exchange, like “I can give you nothing but friendship”, it sets up a very good example of friendship. Maybe we’re too concerning about others’ shortcomings, that we’ve missed a lot of friends-to-be. There are too many aspects about a good friend after all. So just take it easy, and let time do the rest. I remember my omega watchform my best friend when I see this article.





New Sunglasses of CK

CK is short for Calvin Klein. It is one of the world well-known luxury brands such as Arnette. CK is always pursuing the theme of Arts of Life. Recently, CK has launched a new kind of sunglasses that are full of unique design. This design is the collection of both technical life and fashionable art. This is the innovation in sunglass world. Now, you must be very curious about this new kind of sunglasses. Let me tell you that this is a kind of sunglasses that is equipped with 4GB USB. On the right temples of these sunglasses, you will find a 4GB USB that can store digital data, pictures, music, etc. The designer of these sunglasses makes this kind offashion sunglassesfilled with a practical function. It can be draw from these sunglasses that their designer has spent a lot of efforts on them, and also he or she is very careful to our daily life. This reaches the theme Arts of Life.


What a generous boy

Hanging up the call, I sent him the address to meet thorough message. We appointed it at nine o’clock in the morning; I planned to invite him to drink coffee in Rich Coffee.

I got there early, there were few people in the Café, the soft music played in it, and the air smell good. He came earlier than I imagined, he looked more handsome than that day. I took the sunglass out and handed to him, he put it in his bag carefully. It seemed something important to him. I asked him why he print a letter z in the designer sunglasses, he smiled and hesitated, and then he said “the dior sunglasses were given by my girlfriend, my name is Zack, she printed it on it.” I understood: z is the abbreviation of his name; the sunglasses were special for him. However, he could lend such a cherish good to a stranger; it indicated that he was so generous a boy!

I misunderstood the young man

Sara and I were standing at the station to wait for the bus, and the young man came to us, handing his leaflet to us. “We have just come back from the real estate discount activity.” I said directly. “I’m sorry, did you buy the apartment?” he said with smile, but did not took off hisfashion sunglasses, it made me uncomfortable. “Oh, I haven’t decided yet, maybe I’ll choose it.” I said coldly.

After a while, the bus had not come, and the young man was handing out his leaflets. “Can I give you a suggestion?” I said to him. “Of course you can.” He said generously. “Could you take off your cheap lv sunglasseswhen you are on work? It may be a little impolite to the passengers.” “I got your point, I wear the sunglassesas my eyes are of excess tire, I would not wear the sunglasses if my eyes recovery.” It appeared that I misunderstood the young man.

                                                               That Isn't Our Fault

Mr. and Mrs. Williams got married when he was twenty-three, and she was twenty. Twenty-five years later, they had a big party. Mr. Williams send a piece of Gucci replica watchfor his wife. And a photographer came and took some photographs of them. Then the photographer gave Mrs. Williams a card and said, "They'll be ready next Wednesday. You can get them from studio." "No," Mrs. Williams said," please send them to us. The photographs arrived a week later, but Mrs. Williams was not happy when she saw them. She got into her car and drove to the photographer's studio. She went inside and said angrily, "You took some photographs of me and my husband last week, but I' m not going to pay for them." "Oh, why not?" the photographer asked. "Because my husband looks like a monkey and the replica watchwas not looks good as itself in the photo," Mrs. Williams said. "Well," the photographer answered, "that isn't our fault. Why didn't you think of that before you married him and married a rich man for a real Gucci watch?


An Anonymous Gift I Got on Valentine’s Day

I loved cool sunglassesand wanted to buy a pair of it. Valentine’s Day were the most romantic among all the holidays and were popular among all young people. On February 14 loving couples exchanged cards and gifts while singletons could send anonymous love letters to people they fancy. The most common presents given at this time of year were flowers, especially red roses and chocolates. As Valentine’s Day approached, I did not want the above gifts and I only hoped I could receive a pair of ladies’ sunglasses, but I thought it was impossible, because I was a singleton, and nobody pursued me. But a miracle happened. I got an anonymous present on the Valentine’s Day morning. I was eating breakfast and the doorbell rang, a man wearing a pair of big sunglasseswas at the door, it was Express Company. I signed my name and opened the bag. To my surprise, it was a pair of D&G sunglassesfor women. I was greatly shocked and wondering who gave me it. 

Younger top brand-Versace

The history of Versace brand is not long, but this experience two short decade brand has become one of the four Italian top brands Par with Armani, Gucci and Valentino fashion brand.

Versace's emergence come from the fashion perfect, extreme love of its founder, Gianni Versace, and his accidental death also added a unique mystery to the brand. 25 years old, Versace moved to the world-famous fashion capital Milan, officially design fashion clothing for living. With super perceptive and learning ability, in 1978, Versace has successfully held the first exhibition of his signature women clothes, since then, Versace brand was born.

Currently, , in addition fashion, the Versace Group also extend to perfumes, sunglasses, scarves, neckties, underwear, bags, leather goods, porcelain, glassware, feather products, bedding and furniture. With the coming of 2011, Versace launched a new sun glasses, the classic Baroque style designation inspiration, pattern is full of vitality, coupled with fluorescent orange, coupled with fluorescent orange, fluorescent yellow, lavender and other classic shades,Versace sunglassesre-interpretation of the Alice’s desirable Wonderland.

The New Kind of Miu Miu Bags

Recently, Miu Miu has launched its new kind of bag series: Mini Bags. They are not the mini bags that you can carry to put things into. In fact, this is a kind of tiny key chains. Once the launching of Mini Bags, they are very popular by many young ladies. They said the Mini Bags are so lovely that they can’t help wanting to buy. Obviously, this time, Miu Miu has won again because it reached its goal. As the leaded brand of Prada, Miu Miu focuses on the products of young ladies such as young kinds of Prada clothes, Prada watches, and also Prada sunglasses. Many young ladies like to buy Miu Miu sunglasses. There is a friend of mine who also like Miu Miu sunglasses. She said that Miu Miu sunglassesnot only inherit the advantages of Prada sunglasses, but also comparing with Prada sunglasses, Miu Miu sunglassesare more suitable for us.


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