After watching the horror film

We watched the horror film in the dormitory last night, when it finished, none of us could fall asleep. When I closed my eyes and the scene in the film would come into my mind, it was really a bad idea to watch before going to bed. Then I suggested to talking about the funny things happened in our childhood.

Lisa told us a story first. “One time, I took my mom’swomens prada sunglasses to school secretly, and forgot to bring it back. My mom was going to have a trip to Hainan in two days; she looked for her fashion sunglasseseverywhere in the house, but failed. She asked me if I saw her sunglasses, I was afraid of being scolded, so I said no word to her.” I did not sleep well that night, and next day, I brought it back and put it in a drawer near the corner where she could find. Mom found it on the next day, but she could not understand how the sunglasses could be put in the drawer which she did not use at all.  


The Baby in the Box on the Train

My son went to key high school in the city and I would go to see him from time to time. He was one of the top students in his school and I was very proud for him. One summer day, I went to see him by train. It was rather shining, so I put on my cheap sunglasseswhen I went out. It was her mother who gave me this pair of sunglasses. I thought of her every time I put on it. There were many people wearing fashion sunglasseson the train and I thought it was a kind of trend in addition to the reason of the whether. The train went so fast and when I stood up and ready to get off it. I saw my son wearing his brand sunglassesin my dream when I fell asleep. Suddenly, I found there was a box under the seat and sounds burst forth from it. I opened the bag and was shocked. It was a baby. I held up the baby and she smiled at me. There was a note writing the birthday of the child in the box. The conductor, who wore a pair of cheap Arnette sunglasses, asked me to adopt her.


Fairy Stories were always good

The company that I worked was not far from my house, so I walked to work everyday. I passed by a sunglasses shopeveryday, the decoration of the store was very elegant and beautiful. And I saw it was filled with many fashion icons everyday. Cool sunglasseswere always popular in summer by people from all works of life. In my opinion, only rich persons had money to buy sunglasses and could pay for brands sunglasses. I admired them and dreamed one day that I could also afford a pair of Versace sunglasses. I was only a small staff of the company and I often asked me when my light of day was and where my tomorrow was. It was impossible for me to wear cheap sunglasses in my life, let alone designer sunglasses, unless there was miracle in my life. There were many fairy tales, in which Cinderella encountered her prince and they got married in the end. Such story could not happen in reality, and even if there was, I could not happen in me.



You Will Receive What You Have Made

A great and wise man once called one of his workmen and said: "Go into the far country and make a piece of  replica watchfor me. Remember, I shall come to accept your work for a very special friend." And so the workman departed with a light heart for his field of labor. Material of all kinds was plentiful here, but the workman had a mind of his own. "Surely," he thought, "I know my business. I can use a bit of inferior materials here and cheat on my workmanship a little there, and still make the finished work look good. Only I will know that what I have built has weaknesses." And so, at last he made a piece of louis vuitton replica watchand the workman reported back to the great and wise man. "Very good," he said. “I wanted to send this louis vuittonto my friend and you are the one I had you make it for. It is all yours." How much like man. He comes to earth a stranger. He has his free agency. He may build as he likes. But on the morning of his resurrection he will receive what he has make for an eternal present.

The Noble of Northern Europe: Lindberg

Some people like to show the brand of their wearing to show their tastes. However, they may not know that the temperament of low-key but outstanding is the best taste. So Lindberg can be counted as one of the best tastes. The products of Lindberg are often very simple. There are nearly without any redundant decorations on them. The aim of Lindberg’s designers is to make the simplest but best products to all the customers. The simple but modern designs of Lindberg should be taken as the example of all the other sunglasses brands such as Chanel sunglasses. The latest Lindberg sunglasses are of both the temperament of noble and modern fashion. All of these sunglassesare of very good quality. They are all made by hand. The exquisite craftsmanship and innovative details make every pair of Lindberg sunglasses such a unique piece of luxury. The high quality of PVD coating also makes these fashion sunglassesstronger.




Prada New Series of Sunglasses: Postcards

New Prada sunglasseshave come up naming Postcard. This new series grasps another aspect of cities. Every charming metropolis has its own best holiday resort. These resorts are often small towns. They are often more elegant, silent, or attractive than the metropolis that are boring. To the ones, who live in the metropolis, taking holidays in these small towns is often a good chance to take rest. The new kind of Prada sunglasses can give us such a relaxing feeling. By wearing this kind of sunglasses, you can feel far away from the metropolis. Why are these sunglasses named as Postcards? The designer of these fashion sunglasses want to make these sunglasses as memorable as postcards in those vacation resorts. He wants to make people to have the same feeling of silence and happy as people reading postcards. And also there are six colors of these sunglassesfor us to choose.


Ray Ban’s Cooperation with BeijingUniversity

As we all know that Ray Ban sunglassesare the best selling sunglasses in the world. It is reported that recently, Ray Ban has cooperated with Beijing University to make a research aiming to prevent the visible blue lights. Blue lights are the most powerful parts in visible lights. If we receive this kind of lights too often, we may get eye diseases. So this kind of visible sun lights is harmful. After the research of Ray Ban and Beijing University, they made a research result: G-15 grey polarized sunglasseslenses. G-15 is the most remarkable lenses of Ray Ban. Since the born of Ray Ban sunglasses in 1937, G-15 lenses had become the standard layout of many Ray Ban sunglasses no matter they are fashion sunglassesor not. The advancement of this kind of sunglasses makes these sunglasses can prevent harmful sun lights more effectively.


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