Chinahas become the best-selling country of global luxury

Chinese one of the most prestigious cultural institutions-Shanghai Museum, So far, the most popular thing neither special exhibition of ancient Chinese bronzes, nor the Roman marble sculptures, but 300 pieces of modern jewelry andsunglasses.

Last summer, more than 40 million people visited the exhibition period of 2 months

That the French manufacturer of high-end jewelry and watches, Cartier corporate sponsors. This exhibition showcases a variety of precious gems, including the legendary "Star of South Africa's" diamond.

Currently, the purchasing enthusiasm of Chinese consumers has extended to luxury watches, handbags,sunglass and other luxury goods. For example, according to the figure show in a research, one tenth Chinese people own ray ban sunglassor other brands sunglasses.  

‘Gap and ‘ray ban’ settled in Taboo

Chinese consumer who can Sweep goods abroad or only through purchasing wait for at home finally can able to buy authentic licensed foreign big brands goods easily. Recently, a number of overseas big assigned Taboo Mall, including, one of the United States most popular casual clothing brand Gap  and the classic international brandRay-Ban sunglasses.

Just 6 days of On-line test operation, Gap and ray ban sunglasshave received hundreds of praise. ‘GAP is brand I have been looking to buy, and now it has finally come to China, the packaging is beautiful and careful, the quality is also the same with purchasing clothes. I will always concern! “A yellow diamond buyer commended.

The fan of ray ban even more directly: feel so happy, it is really good benefits to buy Ray Ban sunglasses at this price. the price is the same as the wholesale ray ban sunglasses.

Hong Kongsunglasses shopping

High temperature warning has last for several days, for the fusionists’ dressed summer essentials - sunglassshopping become a must-have item again. Color, big frames plate is the popular keywords of sunglasses, Color to burgundy, dark brown, black, gun color etc, round and box-shaped oval continued to pop; high quality of the plate was also applied more widely. In addition, fancy sunglasseslegs become a major bright spot, besides marked its own LOGO in the sunglasses leg, the leopard, crystal and other elements are also boarded the inch of land.

To buy brand name sunglasses, in addition to go to the major brand stores, you can also find brand-name outlets. ISA is a good choice, Armani, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Prada, Cartier, DIOR sunglassesand other major brands can be found, the most important thing is to have an accident discount of new style.


                                                                        kinds of functional

If your eyesight is not very good, don’t need to upset for this, because a pair of fine glasses even can make you look handsome and beautiful. Quiet instrument, with a decent pair of sun glass can reminiscent of a series of beautiful words, culture, temperament, demeanor, conservation...... of course, on many occasions;sunglassesalso have their own advantages. Such as, driving, hiking, etc., a pair of fine sunglasses, while protecting eyes, also making the overall image is more personality. Myopicfriend also can wear sunglasses, you can go custom with prescription sunglasses, but the overhead is relatively larger.

Ray ban sunglassesbrand can provide all kinds of functional sunglasses, including myopic sunglasses.

                                                                  the power of owning luxury

Today, more Chinese people enjoy the power of owning luxury, but lost the ability to create luxury goods. Although those people living in the city today are more willing to regard time, space, quiet and even health as a "luxury", The concept of pure substance luxury that still continue to be created from ancient times, and now, the global annual turnover of luxury goods is about 68 billion U.S. dollars. From the once-exclusive of the monarchs and nobles, to this day the average person can buy one occasionally. It is said that, almost every Japanese women have a Louis Vuitton sunglassesin some time.

  On the other hand, China has indeed become modern emerging consumer market of luxury goods, it is said Shanghai has a about 100 million people who with monthly income of more than 100,000 Yuan, they are the main consumers of luxury goods. Yes, Gucci sunglasses, Prada handbags, D&GsunglassesLouis Vuitton bags have almost become the necessities that tens of thousands of middle class in Shanghai to buy.

                                                                 designation sunglasses

Height of summer,sunglassesare the essential items that people travel. However, the sunglasses on the market mixed make people blinding, which is good choice?

This year, sunglasses designer attempt to go beyond the modern, pay more attention to technology and the future; or boldly use texture, light and highly flexible high-tech materials, such as YohjiYamamo to launched strong monocular sexy sunglasses to benefit from modern technology. You can easily lead the fashion, whether it is bathed in sunlight or driving Mercedes-Benz convertible, or to participate in interesting PARTY, owning a pair of coolsunglass is sufficient enough.

 How to choose sunglasses? It depends on your economic strength. If you rich enough, you can Consideration of international brands. The price of Ray-Ban sunglasses, Versace sunglasses, Gucci sunglasses and other famous brand glasses exceed can Choose one of them.

Retro Sunglasses have comeback

Even if you are not beautiful enough, once just wear sunglasses, also can instantly produce a miraculous power. Winter and autumn are the season of showing sunglasses personality, it can modify face, background color, change the look, like a magic mask, and instantly make you switch between natural, tidal cool and elegant. Today, sunglasswork as "accessories to wear on the eye" has been independent of the fashion arena, and then we do not need the sunglassesfor a foil. Whether you want to cover up weak, or want to get other’s attention, wearing sunglasses to play tune in this fall and winter.

In 2010, undone antiquity has spread to sunglasses, the retro-style sunglasses seems to be a major design concept of the brand.CARRERA sunglassesfamiliar pilot shape, as to the color, CARRERA use extensively, while it also adhering to the brand's iconic retro style.


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