It is not a dream

It is over. Though she doesn’t want and believe, he really leaves her now. She finds he lives with a girl who has a quality replica watchesshop by a chance. At the beginning, she wants give him another chance. But he misses it. Now she thinks the over is the good for them.

She is the only kid in her family. Her parents love her very much. Besides that, it is also her summer holiday. So they decide to have a trip to foreign. On the way she is unhappy. Though there is a smile on her face all the time, her parents also know she is unhappy. There is book which introduces trips, all kinds of omega watchesand so on. But it always is the same page on her whole way.

It is almost 9:00 o’clock at night when they reach the hotel. She is much too tired and she decides to have a plenty sleep. In the dream, a charming man comes to her. He wears a franck muller watch.She and he have a happy trip together. Maybe the God helps her. She meets her dream-man while she has her breakfast.

My dear Mamma

Mamma was sitting in the drawing-room and making tea. In one hand she was holding the tea-pot, while with the other one she was drawing water from the urn and letting it drip into the tray. She stands with her swiss replica watch, white dress and a red pair of shoes. Yet though she appeared to be noticing what she doing, in reality she noted neither this fact nor our entry. She is the best and beautiful lady n my idea.

However vivid be one’s recollection of the past, any attempt to recall the features of a beloved being shows them to one’s vision as through a mist of tears--dim and blurred. Those tears are the tears of the imagination. When I try to recall Mamma as she was then, her brown eyes which likes the diamonds onlouis vuitton watches, expressive always of love and kindness, the small mole on her neck below where the small hairs grow, her white embroidered collar, and the delicate, fresh hand which so often caressed me, and which I so often kissed; but her general appearance escapes me altogether.

My Gucci watchfalls down. Then I wake up from my memory.


Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, lovers who live everywhere are preparing for the most romantic day for the year. On February 14 loving couples exchange gifts and cards while singletons sends anonymous love letter to people they fancy.

The most common presents given at this time of year are flower, especial red roses, and chocolates or even lover louis vuitton watches. Of course, some people choose to make the gift by themselves. Because they want there is special and original, not to say unusual gifts.

If you are a student, you have not enough money to pay the gift to your lover. You can choose some replica watches, some new clothes and so on. If you has taken part in job and you have plenty money, you can choose red roses and wine.

Besides that if your girlfriend is a fashion lady, you can buy a Gucci watchor a louis vuitton bag for her. In a word, different people sends different gift to the people who they love.


It Does the Same Work A s Me

After Tom finished his middle school, he went to work in a replica watchshop which sold watches online. He was glad to get the work, because he could send the replica watches use his bike. It was easy and interesting. One day he took a piece of Gucci replica watchto a house. When he got to the door, a big dog ran fast to him. He was afraid of it very much and quickly put the box of guccion the ground. To his surprise, the dog didn’t come at him. It stopped before the box and picked it up with its mouth. Then it carried the box into the house. Tom said to himself, “It does the same work as me. What a loyal dog! ” “Good, honey. I love you so much.” Tome heard the owner’s words with exciting voice. “No, it robbed my work,” said Tom.


See Friend Off

One afternoon, two friends went to see friend off. One of them showed his new rolex replica watch. So they began to talk about the replica watches. They looked very excited. Half an hour later the train came in, but the men didn’t notice and continued talking. When they were talking about the rolexexcited, the train was starting. They looked up, then took up their bags and ran to the train as fast as they can. Two of the men got on, but the other one couldn’t he looked very worried because the train was going away fast. A train conductor at the station saw all this and spoke to him. “It’s all right,” the conductor said. “There will be another train this evening. You will soon be able to join your friends.” “But the trouble is they came to see me off,” answered the man with a worried face

The SOSVillageBuilt For Orphans

In Europe many people died during the Second World War. As a result, at the end of the war there were many orphans there. A man called Hermann Gmeiner wanted to help these children. His idea was simple. He wanted orphans to have a home, and he wanted them to have the care and kindness of parents. Gmeiner sold out his rolex replica watch, some of his clothes and asked donation of people. Many people came to donate their gucci watches, clothes and moneys. With the money by selling those replica watcheshe built a SOS Villages. The letters SOS stand for “Save Our Souls.” This means “Please help us!” An SOS Children’s Village gives help to orphans. In SOS Villages orphans live in family groups. There are several houses in each village. The biggest villages have 40 or 50 houses! Between seven and ten children live in a house. A woman lives with each group of children and looks after them. She gives the children a lot of love and kindness. She cooks for them and makes comfortable, happy home for them.

Where Is The Child?

One day, the little child in the next house was crying. He cried and cried. The mother of the child said, “Stop crying.” But the child didn’t stop crying. He went on crying. The mother said, “If you don’t stop crying, I will put you into the river.”

The mother wanted to go and buy a piece of gucci replica watch which was on sale in the guccishop, so she said to Arha’s wife. “Will you look after my child for a little time? I must go shopping.” Arha’s wife was doing some washing, so she said to Arha, “I am working. You must look after him.”

After some time the mother came back with a nice replica watch, and said to Arha’s wife, “Thank you for looking after the child. And where is he now?” “He’s playing in the garden.”

They looked in the garden. But they could not find the child. Then they called Arha, “Arha! Where is the child?” Arha answered, “His mother said, ‘If you don’t stop crying I shall put you into the river.’ The child didn’t stop crying, so I put him into the river. He is over there in the river.”


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