A Trip to the Forest

One day Bob took two of his friends into the mountains with his dog. They put up their tents and then rode off to a forest to see how the trees were growing. In the afternoon when they were about ten kilometers from their camp, Bob found that his rolex replica watchwas lost in the way. He was very worried because it was an expensivereplica watchsent by his mother for his birthday present. They walked back to the camp to find out Bob’s rolexon the way. As they walked close to the camp, it was still missing. Bob cried sadly. His friend come to gave him hugs and tried to persuade him not to be so sad. But when Bob was crying so loudly, his dog barked towards him. Bob looked at him and saw his watch under his body. Everyone cheered.

An Old Man Who Always Forget Things

Once there lived an old man in a town. He always forgot a lot of things. He has lost two pieces of replica watches: One piece of rolex replia watchesand a piece of omega replica watches. At last, he dared not to take any expensive things with him. One day he went on a long way alone. Before he left home,his wife said,“Now you have all these things. You need them on your way. Take care of your things on the way.” He went to the station. He bought a ticket and got on the train with it. About an hour later,the conductor began to see the tickets. He came to the old man and said,“Will you please show me your ticket?” The old man looked for his ticket in all his pockets but he could not find it. He was very worried. “I can't find my ticket. I really bought a ticket before I got on the train,”said the old man. “I think you are right. I believe you bought a ticket. All right,you don't have to buy another ticket,”said the conductor kindly. But the old man still looked worried and said sadly,“You don't know why I'm worried. If I don't find my ticket,I can't remember my station. Where am I going? ”

                                                          IBurned Yesterday Evening

Mr. Brown was leaving home for a week. Before he left, he said to his son, "If anyone asks for me, you can tell him that your father has been out for doing something, and will be back in a week, then ask him to sit down for a cup of tea. If you perform well, I will bring a piece of omega replica watchfor you." "OK, Dad," said his son. But he was afraid his son couldn't remember this, he wrote these words down on a piece of paper and gave it to him. His son put it into his small pocket, took it out and looked at it every now and then. Four days passed, but no one came to see his father. The boy thought that there was no man to come, so he burnt it that evening. The next afternoon, someone knocked at the door. The boy opened it. A man was standing at the door with a box of replica watchand said, "Where is your father? I want to send him a piece of omega replicawhich he likes very much." The boy put his hand into his pocket at once and looked for the piece of paper. Then he suddenly remembered he had burnt it, so he shouted, "Disappear!” The man was very surprised. He asked, “Disappear? When did it happen?” “I burnt yesterday evening," said the boy

How Foolish We Were!

Uncle Li and Uncle Wang are good friends. They live next to each other and their farms are both at the foot of the mountain. So they can help each other. But neither of them likes to use their brains. They're both poor though they work hard. Most villagers have replica watches, but they still can’t afford. They never thought the reason. They just felt envy when they saw other their neighbors’rolex replica watches. Once, Uncle Li went to town. In the town he heard the apples in a city were expensive. He told Uncle Wang to carry some apples to the city. They borrowed some money from their friends and bought nearly 1,000 kilograms of apples in the villages. Then they carried them to the city on a tractor. Bad luck! A lot of apples have already bad when they arrived. They felt unhappy and returned to their village. "I can't understand why we sustained losses in business while others always profit and afford the rolex” Uncle Li asked one day. "The tractor was too small” Uncle Wang said without thinking. "We'll carry more apples on a truck next time!" "I agree!" said Uncle Li. "How foolish we were!”


I Know You Are In

Bob and Jim once worked in the same factory. They are good friends. One day, Bob lent Jim ten dollars to buy a piece of replica watch, but then Jim left his work and went to work in another town without paying back the money. After that Bob didn't see Jim for a year, he knew from another friend that Jim was in another town and living there. So he went there to see him late in the evening for his money. When he arrived at Jim's house and was allowed to come in by Jim’s wife, he saw his cheap rolex replica watch on the desk. "Well, he must be in," he thought, and knocked on the door of bedroom again, and said, "I know you are in, Jim. Your watch is out here." "I've gone out with my newomega replica," answered Jim. Jim’s wife felt shamed with her face turned totally red


                                                                           Make a Bet

Two farmers were on their way home one evening after a hard day's working. Both were tired. They happened to look up at the sky and saw a black cloud overhead. "Ah!" said one farmer, "tomorrow we shall have rain and the rice will grow well." The second answered, "Nonsense, the rain will only kill the crops." Let’s make a bet. If I win, you should give me your fake rolex replica watch to me,” said the first famer. “If I win, you should send your omega replica watch to me.” So they began to quarrel. Just then a third farmer came along and asked them why they were quarreling. Both farmers explained about the black cloud.” What cloud?" asked the third farmer. They all looked at the sky. The cloud was no longer there. They laughed and thought that there will not be any chance to lose their replica watches at all.


The Silent Moring Call

Mr. Smith usually got up late in the morning, so Mrs. Smith always called him up in case that he will be late for work. One day, Mrs. Smith forgot to put out Mr. Smith’s rolex replica watchfrom his pocket, when she put it into the washing machine. Mr. Smith likes hisrolex replicavery much. So they had a loud and long quarreling for thereplica watch. Finally they decided to not speak to each other. In the evening, Mr. Smith wrote a piece of paper. He wrote:” Call me at seven in the morning.” Then without any word, he went to sleep. Next morning, when Mr. Smith woke up, it was already half past nine clock. He goy up and put on his clothes quickly. As he went out, he found another piece of paper on the table. It said, “It’s seven O’clock now. Get up!”

My Aunt Couldn’t Read

Dick was born in a poor family. His father was a fishing man who died in the sea when he was very young. His mother left him without saying good-bye as soon as his father dead. His aunt had to look after him. Twenty years passed. Dick became a tall, strong man. He found a work in a replica watch shop. He worked hard and wanted to get more money. He often went to see his aunt with some presents. The woman was very happy. In order to encourage him to learn how to make replica watches hardly. She said,” Please make a piece of rolex replica watchfor me, honey.” Tom agreed. But one day, she was going to die. In order to make a rolexfor his aunt, he worked day and night. But he was so poor that he can’t offer the materials, so he used cheap materials of other brand to instead of them. “It doesn’t matter,” said Dick,” My aunt couldn’t read.”

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