My daily life

I get up when my omega replica watchpoints 6:00 o’clock every day. I dress myself quickly and have breakfast at half past six. After breakfast I go to school by the bus which is arranged by our school.

I have four lessons in the morning and three in the afternoon. I study hard and always help my classmate with their lessons. I have lunch at school. There are about two hours to have a rest at noon. Sometimes I go out to that replica watches shop with my classmates, and have a look at “Whether some new goods come”? Then school is over at five.

After supper I read newspapers or watch TV for half an hour. I prepare my lessons between half past seven and nine, such as writing an article about a Gucci watch, reviewing the words which I learn on daytime and so on. I go to bed at nine.

The above is a brief account of my daily life on weekdays. There is no school on Sundays. I usually review my lessons in the morning and call on some friends or to go to see a film in the afternoon.

There is not one thing which it is right all the time

“Can money buy happiness? Various people have various answers. Some people think that money is the source of happiness. With money, he can buy whatever he enjoys. With money, he can do whatever he likes. With money, he can buy anomega watchwhich he wants for a long time. In their minds, money can bring comfort, security and so on. Money, as they think, is the source of happiness.

   But there are still a lot of others who don’t think so. With money, he can buy a house, but he can’t buy love. With money he can buy the all replica watches, but he can’t buy the time which has past. With money, he can buy a book, but he can’t buy any knowledge. Besides that, they think money is the root of all evil. Money drives people to steal, to rob, and to break the law. A lot of people became criminals just because they were in search of money.

   I think that money is essential to life and we cannot do without money. But even though money is necessary to life, it can’t buy everything. For an example, one can have plenty of money, with which he can buy whatever he wants and at the same time he maybe is not happy. Therefore, although money is necessary for a happy life, it can’t buy happiness.”

I look at my Gucci replicaand find there are ten minutes far from the end of my examination.

If I have enough money

“If I have enough money, I’ll let those poor people live a good life. Let them feel the rich life. Donate half the money to build the school and nursing homes. Let those who have no money of student also accept learning experience. I’ll let hospital is improving. And have good equipment. Let those who are ill no longer restricted by illnesses. Of course I also want to live better. I will go to foreign and have a farther study for my dream which wants to become a designer about omega watches.”

It is an idea of my friend. But I am not the same great with him. “If I have a lot of money, I will give most of the money to my parents. They are hard to raise me and supply my school. And I will take them to a travel around the world, I will buy a Gucci watchfor my mother instead of her electronic watch and I will buy a new wide and bright house for my families. I think they give me the life, so they deserve it. In a word, I will spend my money to do good things for my family. Besides that, I will consider to have an investment. Maybe it is a luxury replica watchesshop, a shoes shop or a school.”

Do you like city or country?

Many people like the conveniences of the city. People in the city can see films, visit to a show of all kinds ofomega watchesand watch games every day if they like to. Furthermore, if they want to become scholars, scientists or artists, they can find what they need in the city, such as libraries, colleges and so on. The last and the most important thing, they can get to know as many people as they want in the city.

But some other people don’t think so. Though there haven’t a lot ofluxury replica watchesshops, modern buildings and so on, they are attracted by the beauty of the country. First, if one is in the country he feels he is close to nature. Small streams, high mountains, fresh air, green grasses and so on, all makes people happy and stirs up the love of life. Second, in the country, people seem to have more freedom. They can throw out your Gucci watch, get out of overtime and set off press when you live in it. They can sing high in the field, ride horses along a brook and make some interesting farm work.

I think compared with cities, the country is relatively backward, but nothing can be com pared with the clean atmosphere and the gentle pace of living. Living in the country is very good for your health. With the development of economy, it is a trend that people will migrate from the city to the country.

Labor’s Day

Labor’s Day is on May 1st per year. It is an international day for workers. However you are a manager of a famousMovado watchescompany or a worker of a small factory. Working is glorious and we should respect workers who are distributed in all over the world. They should have the holiday which is owned to them. In the holiday, they should have a good rest. So our government decides to have a long holiday for them. During the holiday, many people choose to travel. And some others will go to an omega watches  shops, famous clothes shops and so on. Some will go to parks. And others will stay at home.

Because it, I get three days out of job. To tell the truth, I began to plan this holiday about one month ago. I make a lot of plans for it. They contain a funny and short trip, a visit to my friend who doesn’t keep touch for a long time and returning to my hometown. But now, I just want to stay at home and find some information about my favorite which is replica watches.

I like to have a visit to my grandma and grandpa

I often go to see my grandma and grandpa during my summer vacation. My grandma is a fashion and beautiful lady. She is a designer of areplica watchescompany. She is very famous in the town when she is young. And she is the first people of university. Besides that, she is also a smart and independent lady. Though she is old, she always wears her louis vuitton replica watchwhich she designed by herself. They are both seventy years old and live in the country happily.                                                                       

Summer sights of the countryside are very beautiful. I can do many interesting things there. I am used to getting up early in the morning, breathing the fresh air, listening to the birds singing and enjoying the green trees, red flowers and the river. I like fishing with my friends.

When night comes, I sit under the tree with my grandma, listening to her telling me many funny stories. And I tell her some new things happening in the city. When my Gucci watchsays it is the time I have to go back, I am always reluctant to go. I really feel happy living in the country.

My funny summer holiday

With Time past, our summer holiday is nearly over. But I don’t regret, because I get a lot of gifts. An omega watchcomes from my aunt who lives in Shanghai. A pair of sports shoes is from my uncle and a lot of book aboutreplica watches, fashion clothes and the latest hairstyles.

Besides that, I did a lot of meaningful and funny things during the holiday. First, I did all of the homework quickly. Then the rest of days, I went back to my hometown to visit my relatives. We had a good time there. When I came back to my home, I did some sports every day to make my body healthy, such as football, basketball, swimming, badminton and so on. And I also went to happy valley. I really enjoyed my summer holiday! In addiction, I also get a part-time job in a maurice lacroix replica watchesshop.

Though I miss my summer holiday, I am a student. I can't forget to study. I will work harder in the new term and have a higher grade. I believe I can do that.


A fun and beautiful sunrise

The sun in the sky, the stars in night and the moon, they are all very mystical. After five heavy jobs, I decide to have a plenty sleep on the weekends. But to my angry, I am waked by a friend named Ally. She is a crazy girl. She likes to collect all kinds of messages about replica watches. From the pictures to the objects, they are all her favorites. Besides that, she also likes to climb mountains, special high and dangerous mountains. In a word, she is a special girl.

If she is a usual girl, she doesn’t run to my home and wakes up me to see the sunrise with her when myGucci watchsays it is just 5:00 o’clock in the morning.

Then we look up the sky and wait in quiet. Just for a while, slightly white light comes out from the east. When we see it, we know the sun will rise. About thirty later, the red and big sun hangs in the sky. She sets off strong lights which is the same bright with the diamonds on the louis vuitton watches.

But I agree her this time, though she breaks my sweet dream. Because of her, I see so beautiful sunrise. Sun takes warm to us in the winter, give us huge power and carries bright to the people.

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