Love in Women’s and Men’s Eyes

All women questions were men problems, because a woman’s emotional well-being, pain and confusion were closely related with the man. The greatest significance of the existence of women was to look for romantic, such as flowers,fashion sunglasses, exciting and eternal love. They were love protagonist; made great effort to pay, the result was disappointing. In men’s opinion, love was not too plain, that was too short; not too specific, and that was too unsafe. Most of the time, they were more like love supporting actors and spectators. They wore their cool sunglasses, were forever busy, and forever distracted. When men encountered something go wrong, they would be very fretful and even ignored the existence of love. They even lost their temper and broke Versace sunglassesonto the ground when their wives ask them what’s going on. In fact, men’s pressure was bigger than women’s. They had to feed the family; they had to meet many kinds of people every day. When they got home, they had been exhausted.

Learning to Have a Good Attitude towards Life

I had worked in a Carrera sunglasses factory for three years and worked very hard every day. I only wanted to earn a lot of money and bought a house in the city center when I saved enough money. When I bought a house in the downtown, I would pick up my parents to live with me one day. My idea was very simple. I would put on my brands sunglasseswhen I was in bad mood. I thought it would be inevitable to encounter unpleasant thing in life, after all, life road could not be flat and smooth all the time, and the most important thing for me to do was to adjust my attitude when I was depressed. Going to a sunglasses shop and select a pair of sunglasses for yourself and you would become happy at once with the cool sunglasses. I always told myself that life had to continue and tomorrow was another day when something went wrong with me. I would never cry when I failed in emotional matters, because love was not everything, and I would be rather tired when I paid all my efforts on it.

My Brother and My Sunglasses

I hated people who were not credit the most. My brother promised me that he would buy sunglassesfor me as soon as possible several weeks ago. I was very excited at the moment I heard the news and looked forward to seeing my new sunglasses. I waited with excitement every day. But I could not see the sunglasses two weeks later. I got angry and asked him when he would buy me fashion sunglasses. He said that he was too busy and would go to the sunglasses store when he had time. I continued waiting for the seeing of the sunglasses. I knew he was really busy sometimes, so I decided to give him an opportunity. To my disappointment, he said to me that he had forgotten the matter when he returned home one night. What I was even angrier was that he was in thesunglasses storethat day. I suddenly found that he did not care about me at all. I would never forgive him. I hated him in the depth of my heart when I saw him wearing his Dior sunglasses 2010. My tears poured down and could not stop that night.

Returning Back Home

I returned back my home finally after sixteen years’ wandering outside. I was adopted by an upright man among those sixteen years. He had to send me back to my own house after he got to know that he had suffered from incurable disease. He worked in Polaroid sunglassesfactory. He was single in his life and I would be in need of looking after he passed away. I did not want to leave him at all, because he was so kind that I could not forget him. Although my own house was very large, it was not as warm as my adoptive father’s small house. My grandmother always wore her oversized sunglasses and looked at me with a kind of strange eyes and she seemed very hate me. I did not know why, after all, I was her granddaughter. My father was a chairman of a Catering Services Group, who looked rather ruthless with a pair of LV sunglasses on the bridge of her nose. Only my mother was a kind person. She went to the church to pray every day before my returning back. I would not come back without her.

The Feeling of Loving a Person

I thought I had gotten mad when I fell in love with him. I knew that he had his own family; he had his wife and their mutual son. He had his own job and the job had occupied almost all his time during the day. He was decorating his new sunglasses shopand his new house when I got known him in the sunglasses store I worked. He was ten years older than me, but looked very young and fashionable. We could talk with each other freely without generation gap. His favorite sunglasses brands were Gucci sunglasses and LV sunglasses. He wore a pair of evidence LV sunglasses the first time I saw him. He liked playing jokes and I liked it too. We talked joyfully every time we meet and I did not know when I had begun to fall love with him. He knew many things aboutbrands sunglassesand other things in the world. I indulged in him after several times of meeting him. The feeling of loving a person was very subtle. I was worried about him at every minute and wanted to know where he was and what he was doing.


My Adoptive Father

My grandmother was a superstitious woman, saying that I was a bane and always bought disaster to our family since I came to this world. She abandoned me in the public park when I was only one year old. I was adopted by a kind man. He was an ordinary worker in Cartier sunglasses factory and lived a simple but happy life. He taught me how to conduct myself and learn to be kind to people who were kind to us. My adoptive father was grown up in an arphanage and he felt that he had received grace from the people in it, so he would also give help to the people who were in need of help. I went to a sunglasses shop to do part-time job in the hope of sharing responsibility of feeding the family. I did not want my father to bear hardship in the factory. I had a little bother and sister, who were also adopted by him, also needed money when attending school. I should learn from my adoptive father, and be a useful person when I was grown up. I hoped I could buy him Ray-Ban sunglassesand be filial to him when I became rich one day

A High School Classmate

Sam came to the city two years ago in order to hide the debts. He was a gamble before and had lots of debts. He could not stay in his city and escaped to here. I was his high school classmate and I felt very sad when I heard the news of his escaping from the city. He loitering for almost one year in the city and finally got a job in Vuarnet sunglasses. I had never thought and known he was in the same city as me before another classmate told me. I called him and decided to meet him and greet him one day. He wore a pair of cheap Gucci sunglassesand looked older than before. He was still extremely thin and his skin was still so black. Time was getting and there was a kind of unknown sadness on his face. Maybe he had become good and did not gamble anymore. His hands were rougher than before. I took off my Polaroid sunglassesand have a careful look at it. He said that he had paid back all the debts with one year’s of hard working in the factory. I did not know he could also bear hardships. Indeed, time could change everything.


The Man I Loved

Since we acquainted each other and became friends, and I fell in love with him afterwards, I gave him a lot of trouble and I felt very guilty when I made mistakes. He was an ordinary man, who wore a pair ofwrap around sunglassesevery time I was him, but he had a kind of unknown charming on his body. He knew a lot of things in the world and I had been deeply attracted by his knowledgeable. Although I was a university student, I was ignorant in front of him, and I felt ashamed for this. I got a shock when he invited me to go out playing with him one time. I wore my discount designer sunglasses and went by bus to meet him. It was a lovely day; I was very excited and could not help smiling at the thought of seeing him. I was even a little nervous before I saw him. I did not know why it was that. I thought I had been fallen in love with him. He was waiting for me in the sunglasses shop located near the People’s Square. He wore his D&G sunglasses and stood at the door of the store. My heartbeat rate accelerated when I walked towards him.   

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