Quarreling with Him Twice

My heart ached when he said that he had been fed up with me one day when I called him. I was sad to death and once wanted to commit suicide. He shouted to me when we met at the door of a sunglasses storefor the first time. I had never been shouted before being shouted by him. He said that I was not sensible and did not understand him. He was busy making money and did not want to be bothered when he was dealing with problems or negotiating with other people. The second time we quarreled was at a river bank. He wore a pair of Versace sunglassesand a pair of Nike shoes. He did not want to speak to me at the beginning. I said he did not care about me at all and ignored the existence of me. I only wanted him to spare some time to accompany me or talk with me when he was convenient. But he did not do this; he even did not want to look at me. He lost his temper. I put on my discount designer sunglassesand turned away quickly without saying anything. I could not bear anymore and my tears poured down.

The Meaning of Life

Recently, some of my classmates engaged in a gathering of several people in a bar and talked about the meaning of life. I was also invited to the party. Some of them said that people lived in the world suffered a lot. We worked very hard and were nearly tired to death, but a month’s salary was still not enough to for us to buy a pair of cheap Chanel sunglasses. What a funny! Some of them said that people lived in the world was meaningless. We had to go to school, and find a decent job after graduation, and get married, and the burden on our shoulder would become heavier and heavier. We would also have no opportunity to wear brands sunglasses anymore, only in order to save money to feed our family. I did not agree with their opinions. I thought they were too pessimistic. I thought people lived in the world was to enjoy life. Although we were rather tired and helpless sometimes, the world was beautiful. Buying a pair ofsunglasses online and wore it to a river bank and shouted loudly and you would find life was so beautiful.

Ring the BellTwice

A strange thing happened to Henry yesterday. He was going to buy a replica watchfor his wife as the gucci replica watchwas discounting. He was on a bus and to get off. So he stood up and rang the bell. To make sure the driver heard him, he rang it twice, but the bus didn’t stop. And the conductor came and shouted at him. The conductor was so angry and spoke so fast that Henry didn’t understand a word. The bus stopped at the next bus and Henry got off. As he got off he heard someone said, “I think he is a foreigner.” When Henry got home, his wife was very happy for the new gucciand found Henry was confusing about something. He told his wife about it. “How many times did you ring the bell?” his wife asked. “Twice,” said Henry. “Well, that’s the signal for the driver to go on.” His wife explained, “Only the conductor is allowed to ring the bell twice. That’s why the conductor got so angry!” Henry nodded. “I see,” he said.

Show You Picture to My Son

An artist went to a beautiful place of the country for a holiday, and stayed with a farmer. Every day he went out and painted from morning to evening, when it got dark, he came back to the farm and had a good dinner before he went to bed. At the end of his holiday he wanted to give a piece of cheap rolex replicato the farmer, but the farmer said: “No, I don’t want rolexbut give me one of your pictures.” The artist was very pleased and thanked the farmer for saying such kind words. The farmer smiled and said, “I have a son in London, he wants to become an artist. When he comes here next month, I will show him your picture and then he will not want to be an artist any more. I believe.” The artist felt very embarrass, so he did nothing but smile with the replica watch in his hand.

The First Time to Live In the Good Hotel

Mr. and Mrs. Harris had always spent their summer holidays in a small hotel at the seaside near their hometown. Mr. Harris is a replica watch maker. One year, Mr. Harris made a lot of money, because a rich man used the high price to buy his gucci replica watchwhich was the best work of Mr. Harris. Then he was famous for makinggucci replicas. Many people came to his shop. So they decided to go to a foreign country and stay at a really good hotel. They flew to Rome and arrived at a 5-star hotel late in the evening. They thought they would have to go to bed hungry, because in that small hotelwherethey had been used to stay in the past, no meals were served after seven in the evening. They were surprised to be told that the hotel served dinner until ten. “Then what are the times of meals?” asked Mrs. Harris. “Well, madam, we serve breakfast from seven to eleven, lunch from twelve to three, tea from four to five, and dinner from six to ten.” “But that hardly leave any time for us to see the city!” said Mrs. Harris.

The First Time to Travel by Air

Allan was traveling in the Swiss. He was very happy because he bought a piece of rolex replica watchin the wholesale replica watchmarket. So he decided to take airplane to return so that he could back home quickly to show his rolex replicato his friends. But he was worried. This was his first time to go traveling by air. He didn’t know how to find his seat, so he went to the air hostess and asked, “Could you help me? I can’t find my seat.” The air hostess showed him the seat and told him to sit down and fasten the seat belt. She told Allan not to move about when the plane was going up. And she also said that Allan’s ears might feel a little strange, but he didn’t need to worry about it because many people felt like that. When the plane was flying very high, Allan could stand up and walk around. He could either read books, newspapers or see films. The air hostess would bring food and drinks. Allan would enjoy the flight and arrive home soon.


Tomorrow Was another Day

This was not the end of the world. Love was not the most important thing in life and loved deeply, hurt more deeply, so decided not to love anymore. My heart too ached for me to breathe. I was injured everywhere after loving for two times. I sank into love deeply and hurt much more deeply every time. I wore my cheap Oakley sunglassesand climbed onto the roof of the building. I cried and shouted loudly. I was nearly driven to mad. I wanted to jump onto the ground and in this way I could forget all pains after I passed away. Why I was so unfortunate? But I could not do like this. I took off my brand sunglassesand wiped my tears. I had to bear all the wronged I had suffered. Love was not everything in life. In addition to love, there were my parents and my career. So I could not easily give up life. I went to a sunglasses shopand bought a pair of cool sunglasses. I put on it and went to work as usual. Although I was very painful in the depth of my heart, I believed tomorrow was another day and everything would be fine.

Where Do You Want It?

Mr. Green was ill and went to the hospital. A doctor looked him over and said, “Well, Mr. Green, you are going to get some injections, and you’ll feel much better. A nurse will come and give you the first one this evening, and then you’ll have to get another one tomorrow evening.” In the evening a young nurse wearing a gucci replicacame to Mr. Green’s bed and said to him, “I am going to give you your first injection now, Mr. Green. Where do you want it?” The old man was surprised. He looked at the nurse for a moment, and then he saw the shining gucci replica watchon the nurse’s left wrist. So he said, “Nobody has ever let me choose that before. Are you really going to let me choose now?” “Yes, Mr. Green,” the nurse answered. She was in a hurry. “Where do you want it?” “Well, then,” the old man answered with a smile “I want it in your left arm, please.” The nurse looked at her left arm for a while, when she saw her shinning replica watch, she smiled, too. The man was praising her watch.


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