Michel and I

I knew Michel when I studied abroad and we fell in love with each other one year later. We studied together and ate together every day. He was an honest and promising man and cared about me very much. I had never thought I could also find my true love after failing in two loves and I hoped he was my other half in my life. He bought me a pair of Chanel sunglasses on my twenty six years birthday. I was moved to tears when I received the beautiful present, because it was the first time I held a birthday party and the first time I received a gift. I was easy to be moved. We worked in a listed company and got married after three years. I wore my brands sunglassesand went shopping with him at weekends. To be frank, I felt guilty every time I lost my temper in front of him when I encountered unhappy matters. It was not his faults and I should not get angry. I even broke a pair of Cartier sunglassesonto the ground one time. I lived happy life and should be content, but I could not help going angry sometimes. I did not know why.


Going Fishing at the Riverside

I was an ordinary cooker in a restaurant located in Renmin Road of the downtown. Although the income was not high, I was still happy, because every staff in the restaurant was friendly and passionate. I loved brands sunglassesand my favorite hobby was to go fishing. I would ride my electric car every weekend, wearing my cheap sunglassesand going fishing at the riverside. I had learnt to keep a good mood and a good attitude towards life after having experienced a lot of ups and downs in my life. I lived alone, went to work from Monday to Friday and went fishing at weekends, I thought this was good. Down the riverside, I could talk with the stranger, who wore a pair of D&G sunglasses. I did not know him, but I could judge that he was a rich man. I was very happy to speak to him every time I was there. We shared our life experiences and could reach agreements on many opinions. We liked chatted with each other and he would tell me his unhappy matters sometimes. When he was unpleasant, I would tell him jokes.   

                                                          The Family of the Boy I Taught

In order to make some pocket money and make full use of my spare time, I found a part-time job as a tutor in a rich family when I attended the university. The boy I taught was very naughty and mischievous. He wore a pair of oversized sunglassesplaying on the road the first time I saw him. He knocked me down and did not say sorry to me. I thought he was too impolite and uneducated. He did not study hard every time I taught him. He was looking at the time and hoped seven o’clock coming as soon as possible. His father, who always wore his Gucci sunglasses, was a chairman of a foreign investment company and looked indifferently. His mother was a full-time wife, who looked warmer and friendlier than his husband. What she wore was all brands on her body. They were brands sunglasses, brands clothes and brands jewelries. Every woman admired her. His grandmother was more indifferent and I had never heard her talking when I was in his house. What a strange!

My Sister-in-law

My cousin and my sister-in-law had gotten married for six years and they had not given birth to a baby till now. For this reason, my uncle and my aunt disliked my sister-in-law and have prejudice on her. Giving birth to a baby was not a person’s matter and they should not blame her. She had a sunglasses shop and a cloth store in the downtown. She was capable of earning money and many people admired her very much. My uncle and aunt did not think like this, they always said that she was not a good daughter-in-law, because she could not conceive. She did not care about it at all and wore her evidence LV sunglassesevery day going out and returning home. She could keep a good mood and smiled in front of us every day. I had never seen her losing her temper. She sang song sometimes and seemed very happy. I understood how she was sad under her sunglasses hut, no matter how she tried her best to cover the sadness. I was her young sister and I could see it very clearly.

My Father

My father and I depended on each other since I was a child. My dad said that in order to save a worker, my mom lost her life in a fire accident in her Arnette sunglassesfactory. I was only one year old that year, and I had no memory at that time. I was lack of maternal love in my childhood. So my father tried his best to look after me and satisfy my requirements. I felt he was the best father in the world. One day when I was eleven, my father wore a pair of trendy sunglassesand dresses up himself decently. He looked very young that day, and it was the first time he wore like that since I could remember things. He pulled my hands and took me to a luxury restaurant without telling what the matter was. When we arrived there, a woman wearing a pair of authentic designer sunglasses had been sitting on a chair waiting for us. I suddenly understood everything. I pulled my face and ate silently. My tears fell into the bowl quickly. The woman had to leave embarrassedly. My dad said “I thought you knew me”, and helped me drying my tears.

My Duty of Feeding the Family

My father lost his life because of lung cancer when I was five years old. It was very hard for my mother to feed the whole family. I had a younger sister and a younger brother. All of us had to eat and wear and go to school. The burden on my mother’s shoulder was rather heavy. I went to work in Carrera sunglassesfactory before I finished my high school, wanting to reduce the burden on my mother’s shoulder. I was pleasant to bear the responsibility of feeding the family. I did not want my mother to bear any hardship and only wanted her to enjoy life like many other elder people. I wanted her to wear brands sunglasses and clothes and shoes and dance with elder people in the park to her heart’s content. I wanted my brother and sister to go to university and helped me to finish my dream of attending college. I would buy all of them Cartier sunglasseswhen they were grown up and many other things they wanted to buy. I was the elder sister, and it was my duty to pay for their fees before they were able to make money.

My Younger Sister

My father was an orphan and never married in his life. He adopted me and my younger sister when we were little babies. In my eyes, he was the kindest man in the world. He worked in Arnette sunglassesfactory since he was twenty years old. My young sister was down with congenital heart disease and in order to save enough money and take her to Beijing to cure her illness, all of us had been always living thrifty life. My younger sister was fascinated with sunglasses since she was a little baby. She wore a pair of oversized sunglassesevery night when she was sleeping. She liked to sing and dance, but she could not be excited because of her illness. It would be difficult for her to breathe when she sang to the high-pitch voice. After three years of our mutual efforts, my father could finally take my younger sister to Beijing one day. She wore a pair of kids’ sunglassesand just looked like a small super star. She was a healthy child and could go to school liked other children after she came back from Beijing.


A Trick I Encountered

When I went to high school, I began being obsessed with fashion sunglasses, because I felt they were very beautiful and very cool. I was born in a poverty family and could not afford a pair of cool sunglasses, let alone a pair ofbrand sunglasses. I was one of the top students in our school and in order to buy brands sunglasses, I found part-time jobs everywhere and even escaped from classes several times. When I was walking with my head down on the way to our house one day after school, I encountered a man wearing a pair of cheap Oakley sunglasses blocking my way. He said that he could help me to earn money quickly in his company as a translator. I believed him and went to his company several days later. The company was very far from the city center. A man wearing a pair of black sunglasseshad been waiting for me on a sofa when I arrived at there. He asked me to drink water, I did not drink. I knew I had been deceived, so I took the ashtray and threw it towards the glasses.


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