It is a confusing advertisement

Today’s advertisements really are multifarious. You don’t do your best to see it. You probably can’t fathom its depth. I remember once again, one of my colleagues took a picture and let we guess why advertising. There’s a male picture with a woman. They lean on a red sports car, hand took a glass of red wine. Man dressed in white suit and had abell & ross watch. The girl their very tall, wearing a white dress. If you have enough careful, it is easy to find there is a beautiful ring on her right hand.

Someone said it was the wine, someone said it was the red car and the others said it was the clothes. But when my workmate told us the ring was the theme about this advertisement. In the past, I always worship the designers. They design luxury replica watches, famous glasses and special bags for the others.

But now I think I must change my idea about it. Of course, I don’t say all of the designers. I just point a part of the designers. That day, I think much too. It hardly forgets the date which I make it with my friend. I look my replica watchon my way all the time. Maybe there is someone helps me, I reach the destination in time at last.

Birthday gift

“My dear kid, if you have a choice. What would you like as your birthday gift? An omega watch, a Gucci glasses or a pair of famous shoes? You can tell me, I can help you get it” a kind and gentle man who has a long white beard says to me.

I am called back when I want to tell him my wish. Then I find it is just a joking dream. It should is a funny dream, it couldn’t happen in our real life. You must give your effort to pay it at first and you can get it. Then I pick up my omega replica watchand wear it.

Though today is my birthday, I should look for an excuse to have a lazy. I must live as the other days. So I decide to forget it is my birthday on the day, I think to have a celebration on the night after my work. “Have your express in the foreground” my friend tells me. When I open it, I find a cute movado watchin it. Beside that, there is a card in it. After reading the card, I get it. It comes from boyfriend as my birthday gift……


She becomes more beautiful because of his betrayal

She is a beautiful, cute and lively girl. The people near her all like her. On her life way, she hardly gets anything which she wants to get. On her university, she meets a boy. He seems like a franck muller watch, he is special, bright and charming. She loves him when she looks at him at the first time in the school. They fall into the love.

At the beginning, everything is smooth. They go to the class, have the dinner and go to have a shopping together. But gradually, he changes in his friends’ words. His friends often laugh the girl because of her ugly teeth. At last, they break up. She doesn’t say any word except yes, though she is very sad when he says these to her. Then she turns off the movado watchform him and returned it to him.

After that, she decides to have a make up of her teeth. At the beginning, it is hard to her. It is very pain and long. Many times, she wants to give up. But she has a stick when she thinks about him. Two years past fast, the time which she will end her treatment is coming. She is startled when she sees her white and tidy teeth. Her teeth looks like the diamonds onomega watches, they are bright and flash.

It makes me become popular in my company

“What’s the time now” my workmate asks me? “11:00 o’clock” I see my watch. “Wow, you have an omega watch. Is it too expensive?” she asks?

I smile and tell it is cheap because it is areplica watch. Beside that, I tell her I know the place which sales thereplica watchesand I can take her to have a visit. She is very happy when she hears these.

Because our jobs are different, we need to watch the time frequently. But our productions are all electronic production. We can not take our mobiles in our pockets. If we do it, it will take some hurt to our productions.

Last weekend, we went to the watch street. The street is famous of all kinds of watches. Special the replica watches, they are popular to the people who want to buy famous watches with little money. There are many watches shops. We decided to have a visit one by one. We hardly spend the whole day to choose the watches. At last, she bought a replica vacheron constantin watch. Later more and more my workmate invite me to buy the watches with them to together. I seem become a famous star in our company.

Let us find out the thief together

Long time ago, there is a clever man in aswiss watch. He hardly comes out in the usual. But he will come into the city to help them and solve their questions, when the people meet the problems. So the people all call him master.

One day, a man comes to his home and asks for a help. He says he is a boss of anexact replica watchesshop. He spends all his money on his shop. But now his watches all disappear when he reaches the shop. There hasn’t any clue which is about the thief. He has no idea, he want the master can help him look out his watches. The master tells him to calm down and he must finds out the thief. Then he lets the boss tells him the whole process. After his speaking, the master adjusts the thief is the people who lives the same city with the boss.

Please everyone put your left hand into the box and touch its bottom by turn. If you are the thief, you will get the blackmovado watch mark on your hand. A few minutes later, the master finds out the thief who hasn’t the mark.

Do you know why? I think the master guesses the thief will clear the mark when he finds it.

Together is strong.

They come into awholesale replica watchescompany at the same time. They are all very excellent, they come from the same school and they are all the company’s talents. Their boss is a smart man. He wants to have a test on them. So he calls them into his office. He says there is a project about replica vacheron constantin watches. He asks them to make a plan, promotion these watches. He will collect all people and has a meeting about the plan. After that, they have a date about the case. They decide to do it together. Because they all know, it is easier to do together.

 They must the game and get the award. So they all spend much too time on this case. Ay considers the Children’s day is coming, they decide to make the children become the major roles in this case. They think the company can make a game. The children all wear theirreplica watches and join the game. At the same time, they will have some phones about them.

Sometime changes can take us lucky

Through the ages, have a value is always in my heart. When you haven't powerful enough to can change an environment, you have to learn how to adapt to the environment. My last leader is fired by his leader. I hear he accept a lot ofluxury replica watchesfrom our suppliers. The old saying said well, often at the riverside walk not wet shoes. On his last time, he was found on the place which they trade. However it is the past, now I must do everything carefully.

I find everyone is strange when I come into the office. That moment, one of my workmates tells me our new manager comes out in the morning. Hear she is a serious and old man. Her only hobby is to collect omega watches. The others are hard to change her idea. In a word, she is a very tough leadership.

But I find they are not true, if you understand her really, you will find she is a good and gentle lady. Omega watches are not her only hobby. She likeslouis vuitton watchestoo. Beside that, she has many hobbies.

Who is the suspect?

Today, the raining is very heavy, the night is so dark and the night is much too quiet. Every thing seems stop its step. “Give you thereplica vacheronconstantin watch, please don’t kill me” a scream comes from the trackless river suddenly.  We find a lady is killed by the river when they reach the river.

I call back my teams from their home. We have the deep talking. We all think the watch is not the killer’s target. The watch is just areplica watch and it is not a famous watch. I decide to have a deep survey about this lady.

We find the lady is an only daughter of a big famous vacheron constantin watchescompany. Three months ago, her families were all killed except her. It says aluxury replica watches company wants to merger it. But her father doesn’t agree it. Except this, there is not any suspicious clue. So we suppose it is the killer and make some survey. Though it hardly takes all our free time, we all do our best to survey all the time. God helps those who help themselves, I find the powerful evidence. All evidences point to the luxury replica watchescompany.


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