Words That Warmed My Heart

I asked my husband to take me to have a joyride the first day he got the new car, he promised. I was very excited and made up myself in the front of the mirror for nearly an hour. He could not wait and kept on calling me at the door of our house. I put on my best replica watchand went out of the house slowly and happily. He took a shock when he saw me. He cursed I was an alluring woman and I should not make up myself with the cheap cosmetics, because they were not suitable for me. To be frank, I was afraid I did not match him and the car and only did a little make-up and wore a Rado replica watch, which I thought the best replica watch I have had. My husband said that it was unnecessary for me to do like that, because I was his good and beautiful wife and he would not be fed up with me forever. I was moved to tears when I heard his words and I felt the world was extremely warm. Indeed, luxury replica watcheswere not important at all comparing to warm words and simple greetings. 


Simplicity Was True

I had lost my confidence to love since I was abandoned. I would never believe eternal love in the world anymore. I felt everything was too fallacious and it would come to nothing in the end. I was a pessimistic and sentimental girl. What I needed was simplicity, because only simplicity was true. I did not need a Gucci watch, I only needed the happy feeling of handing my favorite person’s hand and walking in the streets and I wanted him to accompany me until we passed away one day. I could still remember that my ex-boyfriend bought me a Swiss replica watchon my twenty five years old birthday. I got angry, saying that he did not understand me. I did not want a present on my birthday at all; I only wanted him to accompany me and talked with me. He was a leader in high quality replica watchesfactory and was a little busy and went home one a week. After he was promoted to a higher position, he was disgusted with me and felt I did not match him, so he went to another girl’ embrace.


Learn to Be Strong

I had to be strong and could not be looked down upon by others no matter encountering what kind of difficulties. I thought I could live on without him and could even live better than him. I acknowledged that I loved him very much at the beginning and he really helped me for many times. He asked me to work in Dewitt watches factory as an assistant when I was seeking for a job. He borrowed me money when I fell down and fractured and often made me laugh. I was very lonely at that moment and was very easy to be moved. I would be moved to tears when he gave me a simple greeting and fell in love with him one day. He bought me several high quality replica watchesevery time he came back from his business trip. I knew he also cared about me and maybe loved me a little. I believed firmly that it was love. After a short period of time, everything changed completely. He showed a deep affection to another girl and bought the best replica watchfor her. I would not depend on him anymore.



Buying a Watch

I wanted to buy a watch on the birthday of my master’s son. He was eleven years old and went to the fourth grade in the primary school. He was as kind as his father and a good child. I liked him very much and I also wanted to give birth to a baby every time I met him. Before going to the party, I went to a watches store. There were so many childrenluxury replica watchesand I did not know which style I should buy. I had never worn a watch and never bought a watch, so it was a difficult matter for me. I bought him a watch only wanting him to grasp and cherish every minute, because time was life. I was very confused in front of all kinds ofreplicas watches. I took my mobile phone and consulted my aunt, who was a watch expert. She arrived at the shop fifteen minutes later. Under my aunt’s help, I bought a Louis Vuitton replica watchin the end. I thought the child would like it very much, because I believed that he would enjoy every minute with it.


Where Should I Go

I wanted to go home, but I had not saved enough money to pay for the bank loans I borrowed when I attended college. I wanted to resign the job in Alain Silberstein replica watchesfactory and went to another city, where I did not know anybody and lived an isolated life, but I had no courage. What should I do and where I go? I was confused. I was in tears every time when I thought I was an unlucky and a stupid girl. Why God treated me liked that? I broke Swiss replica watchhe bought me one year ago, because it would bring me pain as long as I saw it. He said many sweet words to me and made me laugh every day at the beginning we knew each other and I was the happiest girl in the world at that time. But now everything had changed completely and he was no longer before him. He never bought meluxury replica watchesor any present. He had changed to another person and I could not know him anymore. I felt this was the end of the world and it was meaningless to for me to stay here.

The New Car of My Husband

I went to a watches store and wanted to buy a replica watch for myself one day. When I was dazzled by the exact replica watchesin the shop, my husband called me, saying that I did not need to buy asked me to go home as quickly as possible, because he had good news to tell me. When I arrived at home, I saw a new car at the door of our house and a man wearing an Omega replica watchin it. It should be my husband. He told me that the government had given a car for the convenience of his job. I was rather excited and jumped. I could not imagine that the mayor would have agreed him so quickly. He took me to the store and bought me thebest replica watch in it. I thought my husband did well in his Water Station and wanted to encourage him to make persistent efforts and make greater contribution to the development of water utilities. I was very happy for him and I would also work harder if I did not want to be looked down upon.

Getting Rid of a Bad Habit

Many of my university students persuaded me to leave here and went home after they got to know I was bullied be the local people and lived a hard life. I thought I had no face to return home before I saved enough money. I had come here for half a year and had no bank deposit. I worked in a replicas watchesfactory and could earn 2000 Yuan a month. I did not know where my salary had gone. I had promised my parents that I would repay all debts last year, but I had no money and did not go home last year. I was a fashion girl and often bought luxury replica watches, brand clothes and shoes and had wasted much money on them. I should not have bought those kinds of luxuries. I should have saved money and finished my parents’ aspiration of repaying debts. I knew I was wrong. I decided not to Oris replica watches anymore. I should save every penny and would be able to repay the loans in the near future. I must get rid of bad habit of wasting of money


Having No Passion for Life

Many people knowing me said that I was unlike the young people. Indeed, I felt that I was not motivated and had no passion for life. It was uneasy for me to fall in love with a person, but I could not extricate myself from a sentimental affair as long as I was in love. I had worked in a high quality replica watchesstore for five years and lived an ordinary life every day. I was aimless and not positive to life. I had been always thinking why people lived in the world and what the purpose of life was. It was tired for people to live in the world. My uncle did wholesale replica watches and was very rich when he was thirty five years old. I could say that he could buy anything he wanted, because he was not lack of money. Unfortunately, he lost his life in a traffic accident. He was going to get married with a pretty girl, who was the daughter of the manager ofDior Watches Company. But he had no opportunity anymore. He could take away nothing, including his property.  

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