It is their first meeting

On the night, a beautiful lady who wears an omega watchdoes her best to run fast with an afraid on her face. There are two people who are catching her after her.

At the same time, there is a man is calling to his friend on a little corner. Besides him, there are manyreplica watches on the floor.

At that moment, the lady finds him and runs to him. She asks him give a hand. He looks at the lady for a few minutes, and takes out a headphone. He walks out and tells the other two people “I am police, I have a big and important behave on today night. So if you have not very important thing, please leave as soon as possible.” After his words, he puts his wrist and looks at his audemars piguet replica watch. “Five minutes later I will take my measures about those criminals”.

At the beginning, the two people seems not to believe him, they put their eyes on him carefully. Then they don’t find any useful clue, they have to believe it is true. Though they know the lady who they want to catch is here, they have to give up and find another chance. At last, he saves the lady with his fake police’s identity. 

he comes out in his shop

The day after her accident, she finds his wholesale watchesshop by the information which she gets in the police. Maybe it is much too early. She doesn’t meet him at once. His employee tells says her boss will come into the shop at 9:00 o’clock in usual. So she has to sit the shop and wait for him.

There are about two hours far from his coming. She makes up her mind to have a visit in his shop. She looks these replica watches. She finds they seem the same with the quality goods except the price. Then she picks a replica omega watchout of a glass box, and has a compare to her omega watch which her parents buy for her on the foreign. In her idea, they are the same, she can’t find any different. By then, she has a good idea. She maybe should buy somereplica watchesnext time. Than she will has enough money to pay her famous cosmetics which she looks on last weekend.

At that moment, she finds it is 9:00 o’clock now. She decides to find him at first.

He is so surprised that she comes out in his shop. At the beginning, he thinks she just wants to buy a replica watchin his shop. But then he finds his mistake when she says she is special for him. She says it is hurry to thank him, she want to invite him to have a dinner with her together tonight. 

He helps her again

About their talking, he gets she is a university student now. Her father has a luxury replicawatchesshop, but he loves another young lady and divorces with her mother. Her mother has a serious sick after these. She loses her at last. Though her father gives her a lot of money, she wants to end her university by herself.

So she looks for a part-time job in a big hotel. There is a man called Steven who likes her very much. He often sends her famous presents such as Gucci watches, famous bags and so on. Beside that, he always asks her to do his lover. But she doesn’t promise him all the time, she also thinks to leave. At last, she gives up because of the hotel’s high salary. She guesses the two strangers must have the touch with him. In the end of their talking, she says she has decided to leave the hotel this time and she will find another part-time job.

He calls her when she wants to leave. He says he needs a part-time employee. But the salary is not high, if she is glad she can has a try. Her major duty is to number the replica watchesand to tell the customers the price.



A Misfortune Son and a Lucky Girl

Two women were chatting in a room. One asked, "How is everything going with your son?" "Oh, don't even mention it, what a huge misfortune!!" The woman sighed:" He is poor enough, and marry an extraordinary lazy daughter-in-law who doesn’t know to save money at all. She doesn’t cook, not clean the room, and not look after the children except sleep all the time. It was my son who brings breakfast to her bed. Even he bought a piece of gucci replica watch for her.” "How about your daughter?" that woman asked. "She might be lucky." Woman smiled, "She married a good husband who doesn’t allow her to do the housework. The housework was handled by her husband. What’s more, he brought the breakfast to my daughter everyday and bought two pieces of gucci watchfor her and me.” The woman said and showed her exact replica watchwith a sweet smile. 

He become s her hero

Last night, she is run after by two strangers before a wholesale watchesshop, and he comes and gives his hand to her. At the beginning, he tells that two strangers he is police. Though they see and show up him at last, he make they have enough time to wait the real police coming. In a fact, she also believes he is a police.

While they follow the policemen to the make some reports, she gets he is a businessman who sales replica watches. Beside that, she knows his address. She remembers, she must will come to thank him by herself

On the evening, she remembers him when she turns off hisomega watchfrom her wrist. He has become a hero in her heart on the night. Though she is run by the strangers who make a big mistake, she doesn’t hate them. In some place, they take her a charming and smart hero into her life. Think about them, she smiles and goes to her bed.





Anti-fakes activities

One day, he finds there are many policemen besides his shop. They are having anti-fakes activities about famous watches and replica watches. Maybe the others don’t know he has a part of fake replica watches, but he knows.

So he returns to his shop and takes out some real replica watches instead of those fake watches. On the second day, the policemen come into his shop and have a check. They don’t find any fake watch. She comes into the shop when the policemen want to have an end about his shop. The policemen and he all notice her replica omega watchon her wrist. Then one policeman asks her, is it her watch in the shop? He tells her there is a telephone from her mother.

She feels it is accidental. Because her mother dead last year. Though she misses her very much, she knows it is true. What’s wrong with him?

Then she goes out of the shop and accepts the call. He follows her and gives her some money. He says there are some mistakes about the shop this moment. He lets her to takesome audemars piguet replica watches from another watches shop.  

I do a lot of crazy things

While I am more or then 20 years old, I do a lot of crazy things.

One of them is tattooing. It is very popular to tattoo. If you have a beautiful tattooing, it is fashion and cool. So I let my friend who tattoosan omega watchon my back. Though it is very pain, I am happy when I see the watch by the mirror.

Another , it is my most crazy thing. Though we are more rebellious than the others, we also have the same mentality about the love. So a good game is coming. I play a bet with my friends. I intentionally lost my replica watchin my school, in the form of writing my telephone number. Wait and see who picks it, if he telephones me. I will tell him about my love to him before my all friends.

There are many other crazy things. Nowadays I think about them, they are all ……



He meets her father before her school

He finds her mother dead, he feels very sorry about her. She must feel much too sad when he tells that telephone from her mother who likes all kinds of omega watches. So he decides to have a sorry to her. He comes to her school and waits her on the gate of her university. She gets out of him when she sees him at first. But just more or than two minutes later, she returns to him. He is happy, because he thinks she has forgiven.

But he finds she is special. She pulls his hand, she smiles to him and says “Dear, you say you will buy a bell & ross watchfor me. Don’t you forget it?”

“Kid, I know you don’t lack of money. Buy he is also you little brother. Though you have two mothers, you have only father. Now he gets a sick, she is the only one who can save him. You look at this burberry replica watchwhich you send him as his birthday present. We all know you love him too. Beg you give your hand to your little brother” that man says. She doesn’t say a word to that man.

After that, she says her mother died because of her little brother’s mother. She hates them and doesn’t want to have any touch with them. 

She is the best

There are more and more replica watchescoming out near them. Some customers are attracted by them. Sometimes it just can sale one or two watches out. So she decides to make some measures. On the second day, she comes to the shop earlier.

She wears an omega replica watchand stands on the front of their shop gate. It is fresh for people. In the past, they just have seen it on TV. They feel it is very funny. So some people come to her and ask the watches. The result is very good, they sales 100replica watchesjust half of a day.

She is really good and smart girl. It is one of her stories. She always can think a special idea to help her boss earn more money.

When her boss hears these, he makes his mind to give her a Gucci watchas an award. She is very happy. She thinks it is all her duty. Now her boss treats her so well, she says she will do her best to do the things which her boss gives.





It is really big mistake between them

“We get a telephone by unnamed lady, she says you sale fake replica watches. Now we catch you in the law. If you have any question, please invite a lawyer and say to the police? He finds she stands on the side of the street, when he is caught. It is true he sales fake watches. But it hardly is people to know except her. Is it she? He doesn’t want to believe it, but he has any excuse to persuade himself.

She is very sad when she gets the news which he sales fake watch. She wants to advice him to the police and say out all things today. But she is late. She remembers their first meeting near a franck muller watchpicture and many things which they have together. She must have a think and save him out of the police. She gets if he can returns the money to the government. He maybe can out. That moment, she thinks about her father. He says will give her a lot of money, if she promises his asking.

She comes to her fathergucci watchescompany and agrees him. At last, he is out with her help. But he doesn’t the all things which she does. On the other side, he thinks she is the people who sales him. So he decides to leave this city tomorrow morning.  

Kissed The Sleeping Beauty

A long time ago and far away there lived a King and a Queen. They were very happy, for their first child, a girl, had been born. They took their baby to the church for have a grand christening. There were twelve fairies, and they were all sent invitations. But the thirteenth fairy was presumed that she was dead. No invitation was sent. The Princes was named Rose, and the fairies began to give their gifts. The room suddenly went dark and the thirteenth fairy stood in front of the King and Queen. She was angry about that she was not been invited. So she made a magicreplica watchon the princess’s wrist and said except her true love she will be always asleep with the omega watch. Since then, the princess was always asleep and she was more and more pretty a she grow up. One day, a prince passed away this place and was attracted by the pretty girl. He can’t help himself to kiss the girl. Suddenly theomega replica watch dropped down and the princess woke up.


Marking His Mark

A man was dating with his girlfriend in the park. He brought his girl to go boating. His girl liked his breguet replica watch very much. She asked him to take it off for her. At that time, his girl was a little bit careless so that she dropped that audemars piguet watchinto the water. The man was not very clever. Immediately he made a mark on the side of the boat where the replicas watch dropped, hopping to find it later. When the boat stopped moving,he went into the water to search for his watch at place where he had marked the boat. As we know, the boat had moved but the sword had not. So he found nothing in the water. He was worried and upset so that he began to shout to the girl:” what silly have you done!My watch was so expensive that you can’t afford.” The girl was crying.



A Pretty Girl Who Was Lucky

Once there was a princess who was very beautiful and kind. But when her mother was dead, his father, the King married another Queen. The new Queen was very beautiful; but she was not a good woman. The new Queen can’t understand the princess’s beauty and wanted to kill her. After a lot of times survive, the poor girl met a group of kind men. They decided to protect and live with her. The Queen was afraid of these men, so she had to pretend an old woman who sold poison exact replica watchwhen those men were working in the out said. She went to the princess’s house and asked her to buy a piece of oris replica watch. The girl was truly attracted by these. But when she picked the oris watchup she was poisoned to death. When the Queen went away, a handsome prince passed and saw the pretty girl. He hugged her and gave her a magical pill. Then the she woke up and fell in love with the prince. 


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Are You Broke Your Uncle’s Watch?

Once upon a time, there was a child who was willful and did not do what his mother wanted. He often broke other one’s things and did not admit her fault. One day, he broke a piece of luxury replica watchof a poor man who was sent by a rich man for his kindness. The man needed thisreplica panerai watchto exchange money for his weak mother. For this reason, God was displeased with the child, so the child was caused to become ill, and no doctor could help him. Soon he was dead. He was lowered into a grave and covered with earth, but his little arm suddenly put up. It didn't work when people put it back in and put fresh earth over it, because the little arm always came out again. The mother herself had to go to the grave to beat the little arm with a switch and shouted:” Are you broke your uncle’spanerai replica watch?” As soon as she had done that, it withdrew, and the child finally came to rest beneath the earth.

Lying By the Tree to Wait

Once upon a time there was a farmer who worked hard in the fields every day. He worked vey hard in order to buy anaudemars piguet watch. Because that owning a piece of luxury watch was one of his dream. One day, while he was ploughing the fields, he heard a bumping sound. He saw a piece of audemars piguet replica watchfell down from the mouth of a bird in the sky. He was very happy to show it to his friends. They all very envy him. The man thought to himself, “Since it is do easy to get a high quality replica watchlike that, why should I work so hard all day long.” He threw his hoe away and lay by the tree every day, dreaming for more watched to come. When he finally realized his foolish, he starved to death. This story told us no pain, no gain.

The Man Who Can’t See the Spring

One day, there was a blind man sitting on the steps of an exact replica watch shopwith sign by his feet, which reads:” I am blind, please help me! A creative publicist with a swiss replica rolex watcheswas walking by the blind man and stopped to see that the man only had a few coins in his hat. He put a few of his own coins in the hat, and asked for the blind man’s permission. Than he took the pan to wrote a new message. He then placed the sign by the feet of the blind man, and left with his shining rolex replica watch. Later that afternoon the creative publicist returned and noticed that his hat was almost full of bills and coins. Recognizing his footsteps the blind man asked what the man wrote on it? The blind man didn't know that his new sign reads as this: "It's spring now, but I can't see it." 








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